Client Welcome Guide


three girls in white and red playing in the snow - twin cities family photographer

Welcome from Ann Marie


I am incredibly honored that you have chosen me for your Family Portrait photography!  This photo is a picture of my three "little girls."  Capturing their love and connection has been a passion of mine since they were babies and I am honored to do the same for you! This guide will provide you with information to help you plan for your upcoming session.  

Family photography is my passion!  I love moments that are full of joy and connection, moments that are quiet and intimate, as well as moments that are chaotic and just plain real.  That is just life isn't it?  But, each moment is part of who we are and, as parents, we will treasure all of it for years to come. Whether at home, on the lake, at a park, or in studio, I will capture intimate moments with beautiful artistry that you will treasure for generations.  

Each client is important to me!  I am so grateful to be a part of my clients' lives and to bless them with photos which bring them joy.  I am so thrilled to meet you soon!

Planning your session

Location: You can choose a place that has meaning to you, your home, your cabin, the lake, a favorite park.  It is your special time!  Otherwise, I have many places I love for families:  Burwell House Minnetonka - Millenium Gardens Plymouth - The Arboretum - Downtown Wayzata and Lake Minnetonka - a beautiful field in Corcoran - Baker Park - West Medicine Lake Park - or the Stone Arch Bridge in Downtown Minneapolis.  We are blessed to live in a place with so many options! 

Time:  Sessions take place approximately preferably an hour before sunset for the best light.  Weeknight evenings are perfect or a time on the weekend.  We work around your schedule!  

Rescheduling:  Minnesota weather is unpredictable!  In the event of rain, we will use your rain date that you specified on your booking form, so, please keep that date open!  If you or a loved one becomes ill, we will use your back-up date as well.  

What to wear?:   I provide styling for all of my Full Session clients. Visit your personal styling page and us the access code: 02qs02r7 now to begin! The key is not to focus on matching, but coordinating!  Start with an outfit or color scheme you love and then build upon that.  Compliment a neutral color with some beautiful prints or scarves or jewelry!  Dress comfortably and make sure your little ones have either worn the outfit before, or your know for certain they will be comfortable and ready to play!  I can also refer you to a stylist.  Just let me know! Whether we are jumping through a field, blowing dandelion seeds, or dipping our toes in a lake, make sure you are in an outfit that allows you to do so.  Don't worry about a little dirt on the knees - that is what the magic of hand-editing is for!  

What to bring?  A favorite quilt, the family dog, a lovey - by all means, bring it.  Here are some essentials to make things more comfortable as well:  bring a small bag for bottles of water, diapers or back-up shirt or pants for little ones in case of emergency, bug spray (it is Minnesota!), lip balm or some lipstick for touch ups, a small snack/goldfish, etc. in case a power break is necessary, a brush in case things a little too messy, and most of all a lot of joy! 

Tips: Be ready to relax. If the kids are jumpy or fighting - no worries!  Allow me to jump in.  I may act goofy or start singing  - I am here to ignite some giggles.  Parents of babies, you can be a great helper by standing behind me and get baby to look up into the lens or put on your goofiest face to capture a smile.  We will work together, but most of all, don't worry!  Kids are kids and I am here to capture them in their element. 

mom and dad and two little boys sitting on a bridge - family photographer - Plymouth - MN
three kids standing on path in forest - Wayzata family photography

mom, little boy and little girl lying on quilt in fall leaves - Minnetonka family photographer

Pricing Details and Reminders...

Pricing:  The 2019 pricing guide will provide you with information on current offerings for full sessions.  Your retainer is due upon booking and is refundable up to a week prior to your session.  Your retainer does not include any digital files or products, but may be applied to any collection purchase.  A la carte items are also available for purchase from your gallery and may be bought separately or added to any collection.  

Your Gallery: Photos will be sent to you in an online gallery approximately 2-3 weeks after your session. I will send you a few sneak peaks along the way which you may share on social media or just enjoy!  After you review your gallery for 1 week, we will have a conversation about which collection you may want to purchase or any custom products I can fulfill for you.  Digital files are available through direct download and custom USB.  Please order within three weeks from receiving your gallery.  Galleries expire 30 days after they are live.  

If digital files are purchased, you will receive a document which allows you printing rights, but the copyright stays with AMG Photography and any physical alterations or changes to the files are not allowed.  

If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!  or  763-607-1181.