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The story of your baby and you!

Thank you!

Your new little one has arrived and life has changed forever.  I would like to sincerely thank you for entrusting me to capture the milestones of your baby's life.  My newborn sessions are unique and special in that not only include precious images of baby, but they also include YOU and the other special members of your family.  When my three girls look back at their photo books from when they were babies, the photos they love the most are those where my husband and I are present.  These are the images they want to remember the most.  The connection between you and your little one is so precious and so intimate.  This is the inspiration for my newborn and infant photo sessions.  

What to Expect

Newborn sessions take place in your home or in a relaxed studio setting.  These sessions are not overly posed, but seek to capture the connection between you, your baby, and the rest of your family.  No need to clean up or wear fancy clothes!  We simply need you and some light from the windows in your home.  Clients enjoy these sessions because they do not have to rush out to make an appointment.  They simply have to be present in their home.  Baby can wear a cozy onesie, swaddled in a favorite blanket, or simply wearing a little bonnet.  I have some bonnets and blankets I can bring, but you are more than welcome to use your favorites.  I will stay for about an hour.  If baby needs a break to be changed or fed - no problem, I can step back or capture every moment.  If baby's siblings would like to be the "star" for a moment, we will capture some beautiful photos of them as well.  



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baby lying in crib - Twin cities newborn photographer
baby feet and daddy's hands - Newborn Photography Wayzata
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getting Ready! 

Please fill out the Newborn Session Information form in preparation for your session.  This form has some helpful tips to help you prepare and provides me with helpful information as well!  

How old should my baby be?  Although most photographers require typical newborn sessions to be within 12 days of baby's birth, my newborn sessions are for babies 3 months old or younger.  You choose the time that works for you! 

What to should we wear?  Keep things simple.  A special blanket or bonnet or little booties are an added treat!  Older babies can wear a special outfit.  Just make sure it is something they are comfortable in.  For location sessions other than your home with babies, check out my family welcome guide for tips on what to bring (like a small snack or extra clothes, etc.). For family, I also recommend neutral tones in home.  The lighter the better.  Avoid being "matchy" but simply wear neutral colors that compliment each other.   For outdoor sessions, add a bit of color through a scarf or jewelry.  Avoid florescent colors, writing on clothes, or busy patterns.  I provide personal styling to all of my clients. You can also visit your personal styling page and us the access code: 02qs02r7 to begin an easy and fun way to style your session.

Preparing for session day:  Before the session, turn up the heat a bit and feed your little one.  A warm and well-fed baby is content and relaxed.  When I first arrive, let me know where I may look around the house for good lighting and other features that will make great spots for photographs.  Ideas for photos are the nursery, a rocking chair by a window, parents' bedroom and/or bed.  We will capture baby alone, mom with baby, mom and dad, siblings with baby, entire family, etc. and whatever else evolves!  

Time of Sessions and Scheduling - You may have these sessions during the week or weekend during the day when the light is best.  Babies usually prefer the mornings, but we can wait for siblings to be home as well.  We will work around your schedule.  You may schedule prior to baby's birth or after.  You may provide 2 date requests, your primary date and a back-up.  Newborn Sessions last between 1-2 hours. 6 - 12 month sessions last up to one hour.  Retainer fee is due upon booking and is refundable up to a week before your session date.  Life happens and having a new baby is unpredictable.  If you need to reschedule, you may.  I simply appreciate a 24 hours notice.  

Your Photos - I will hand edit all of your photos.  Approximately 2-3 weeks after your session, you will receive a link to an online gallery containing all of your hand-edited photos in color and some in black and white if you prefer.  You will receive sneak peaks of your photos during this time that you may share via social media or simply enjoy!  After one week, you may make your collection purchase or order from the online gallery a la carte items.  Unless part of a collection, digital files are not included in your retainer fee.  All digital files come with a print release document, but altering of the photos is not allowed. A list of available collections and products are available to you in advance upon request.


Pricing Details and Reminders...

Pricing:  The 2018 pricing guide will provide you with information on current offerings for full sessions.  Your retainer is due upon booking and is refundable up to a week prior to your session.  Your retainer does not include any digital files or products, but may be applied to any collection purchase.  A la carte items are also available for purchase from your gallery and may be bought separately or added to any collection.  

Baby's Milestone Sessions:  If you choose to purchase a Baby's Milestone Collection, you will pay a one time retainer (payment plans are available upon request) to cover your newborn, 6 month, and 12 month photo sessions.  Newborn Sessions last between 1-2 hours. 6 - 12 month sessions last up to one hour.  We want to capture baby growing with their family over the course of the year!  Family members are a part of each session.  You may design this the way you wish each time (at home, a special location or in studio):  all family members, grandparents, siblings, or simply just momma - whatever you want to capture the first year of baby's life.  Milestone collections include 25 digital files from each session and a Baby's First Year Photo Book so that you can record baby's milestones next to her or his beautiful photos! 

Your Gallery: Photos will be sent to you in an online gallery approximately 2-3 weeks after your session. I will send you a few sneak peaks along the way which you may share on social media or just enjoy!  After you review your gallery for 1 week, we will have a conversation about which collection you may want to purchase or any custom products I can fulfill for you.  Digital files are available through direct download and custom USB.  Please order within three weeks from receiving your gallery.  Galleries expire 30 days after they are live.  

If digital files are purchased, you will receive a document which allows you printing rights, but the copyright stays with AMG Photography and any physical alterations or changes to the files are not allowed.  

Contact me whenever you need to with questions!  You may reach me via email or phone:  763-607-1181.