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what are fine art school portraits?

Welcome to AMG Photography’s Fine Art School Portraits! Ann Marie’s work preserves the unique personality of each child in an artistic way! Her friendly, calm, and fun approach allows each child to be him or herself, whether it be silly and outgoing, or reserved and quiet. Instead of photos with forced poses and smiles in front of unattractive backgrounds, she beautifully captures each child in a comfortable and fun environment. She goes above and beyond normal school portrait offerings by providing the highest quality product with customer service that is personal and professional. The resulting photos have a timeless and classic look which families will love, at a cost which is incredibly affordable.

Perfect for Special Needs Students

Serving special needs kids and families is a part of Ann Marie’s mission and expertise. She currently runs a program called Images of Strength and Hope which serves families who have a special needs child through storytelling photography sessions and art therapy. She insures that every session accommodates every child’s needs, is relaxed, fun, and does not use any harsh lights or flashes. This allows every child to be able to participate in and enjoy the experience. The result? Beautiful photos for families to cherish for years to come.

How Much does it cost?

Ann Marie has competitive rates, parents are under no obligation to buy, and nothing is due up front. Each family receives an online gallery of multiple images of their child in color and black and white from which they may order high quality prints or packages in a seamless, easy, and quick fashion. Instead of the photographer choosing which pose they are allowed to buy, each family may choose from a variety of images in their gallery. A complimentary group class picture is included with every order. She also offers boutique product choices such as canvas gallery wraps and digital images for future printing and archiving.  She offers a variety of collections and a-la-carte products to fit everyone's needs and budget. The best thing about it? She donates 10% of the gross profits to the schools that she photographs!

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Services and perks to school Staff and Parents!

Time of Year: Photos may be offered any time of year! She organizes everything according to each school’s schedule.

Communication: Ann Marie works with each school’s point of contact person to organize picture day according to their unique needs. A detailed PDF describing all ordering procedures and shooting day preparation will be provided to be distributed to families prior to photo day. From there, Ann Marie will handle all communication with, and questions from parents regarding ordering and products.

Ordering: Families will receive a preview gallery of their images in about 2 weeks from picture day! This preview will contain a link to a password-protected online ordering gallery set up according to grade, homeroom, advisory, or whatever grouping which makes sense for the school. 

Prints and Products: Prints are ordered online and hand-delivered by Ann Marie to the school within just a few weeks. 

Schools are provided with all high resolution digital files to use for yearbooks, website, school advertising, school ID's, or however the school wishes to use the images.

Equipment and Space: Ann Marie provides all equipment needed for photo day! She is a natural light photographer. With your permission, she will visit your school 1-2 weeks prior to picture day and find an agreed upon spot for photos. All she needs is a window! She does not use big lights or invasive equipment.

Staff: Depending on the size of your school, she may request some volunteers to assist with organizing the kiddos, but will work together with you to determine whether or not she should bring in her own support staff.

Special Perks for School Staff and Parents: School Staff may receive complimentary photo packages, discounts on family photos, and even bring their own kiddos to be photographed! Parents may bring siblings to be photographed with their enrolled child.

How Do I book my school?:

Beginning the booking process by filling out an Information Form. Ann Marie will follow up with a conversation to determine what your school’s needs are and if you are a good match! The school will work with Ann Marie to design your custom session, you will fill out a contract, and the process will begin! Three weeks prior to your school’s session you will receive a Parent Information PDF to be sent to all parents. When your school’s galleries are complete, Ann Marie will send you a link to be sent out to all parents. Directions for how to access and order photos will be contained in that link. All questions regarding ordering will be directed to Ann Marie. Contact Ann Marie at any time!