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Senior Portraits that tell your Story

Congratulations on your Senior year to come!  Thank you for entrusting me to take your Senior portraits!  You are embarking upon so many things in your life.  From tests, to classes, to college visits, to simply just figuring out life, this is a momentous time in your life!  Senior photos are very special to me.  I have a teenager of my own, and I love to see what drives her and her passions.  Photographing these moments are not only important to me, but to her as well.  


your vision, your story

Senior Portraits are meant to be a reflection of your own style, passions, and interests.  My sessions are customized according to your unique vision.  From location to outfits,  we will work together to form a creative vision for your session.  If you want your hair and make-up done, I can connect you to a personal stylist.  If you simply want things to be completely relaxed and take a walk in a park, we can do it.  If you want to be on your boat on the lake, no problem.  Or, if you want some shots in a studio, we will go to a studio in the arts district of Minneapolis where we can have shots indoors and out for a wonderful urban feel.  Use your imagination.  It's all up to you! 

lEt's Get started!

LOCATION:  I can refer you to many great places, but if you have a special place in mind,  I will do my best to meet your vision.  From the Millenium Gardens, to Lake Minnetonka, The Burwell House,  to Baker Park, a field around Orono, to the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis, to the Guthrie Theater - the possibilities are endless.  We can also do an in studio session in Northeast Minneapolis and then take photos outside in a great urban setting.  

TIME: Sessions are between 1-2 hours long.   You may have multiple outfit changes throughout.  An hour before sunset is preferable for my sessions, but we can do things any time of day.  We work around your schedule during the week or weekends.  Be sure to keep your back-up rain date open because, you know, Minnesota! 

WHAT TO WEAR:  You may have multiple outfit changes. During a 1-2 hour shoot, 3 is a good number of outfit changes.  If you need a little inspiration, feel free to peruse through my Pinterest Board.  The important thing to remember is to dress like you!  You may bring hats, jewelry, your pet, sports equipment, an instrument - whatever reflects your interests.  If you would like to work with a stylist for hair and make-up, I can refer one to you.  Payment would go to her directly.  Please refrain from wearing clothing with words (unless it is school letter jackets or spirit wear).  I also provide free personalized styling from an incredible service to help you be photo ready! Please visit your personal styling page and us the access code: 02qs02r7 now to begin.

WHAT TO BRING:  A bag to carry everything  you need:  outfits, water, make-up for any touch-ups, lip balm, hair brush and bug spray - it is Minnesota after all! To boost your comfort level, you may bring along a close friend or your parents - whomever you want to help you feel relaxed.  And yes, we can get a couple of photos with them, too!  

Retouching:  Trust me, I get it.  I've been to the dermatologist many, many times during the past few years and understand how important it is for you to look your best in your Senior photos.  I hand edit each photo in your gallery.  I will remove any blemishes, but the photos will look like the beautiful person God created you to be!  

POSING:  Don't worry about posing.  I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed during your session.  My sessions are natural and relaxed.  Trust me to guide you through.  We will walk around, talk, or play music in the studio - while taking photos the whole time.  

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Pricing and Ordering

Pricing:  The 2018 pricing guide will provide you with information on current offerings for full sessions.  Your $250 retainer is due upon booking and is refundable up to a week prior to your session.  Your retainer does not include any digital files or products, but may be used toward any collection purchase.  A free digital file for your school yearbook is included for a senior sessions.   A la carte items are also available for purchase from your gallery and may be bought separately or added to any collection.  

Your Gallery: Photos will be sent to you in an online gallery approximately 2-3 weeks after your session. I will send you a few sneak peaks along the way which you may share on social media or just enjoy!  After you review your gallery for 1 week, we will have a conversation about which collection you may want to purchase or any custom products I can fulfill for you.  You will also let me know which photo you would like for your yearbook and I will send it to the appropriate contact at your school.  Please order within three weeks from receiving your gallery.  Galleries expire 30 days after they are live.  

If digital files are purchased, you will receive a document which allows you printing rights, but the copyright stays with AMG Photography and any physical alterations or changes to the files are not allowed.