Connection in Family Photography

Connection...that is my goal with family photography sessions.  I truly enjoyed a recent session because the connection among all of the family members was wonderful.  You can have perfect weather, perfect light, and poses that are just right, but if you can't find the connection among your clients, your photos will be lifeless. That is why I hate posing and love capturing how my clients interact with one another.  So, how does one do this?  You have to foster that environment for your clients, and, most importantly, connect with them as well!  I truly feel blessed getting to know my clients, hearing their stories, learning about their traditions, and discovering who they are.  The father and daughter of this family have an incredible tradition in which she gives him a rose every summer (usually around Father's Day) and they have captured this moment in photographs since she was little.  The mom's sister was leaving for India the day after this shoot ending what was a precious visit together.  Their conversations, their smiles, and their hugs spoke volumes of the time they had enjoyed with one another which was now coming to a close - until the next time.  I consider spending time with a family, capturing their love, and their joy a very sacred thing.  The next time you have your photos taken, think about these things.  Don't worry so much about the posing or coordinating your outfits, but rather, relax and enjoy the time you are about to share together and see what kind of beautiful images result.  What story do you want preserved about your family? Contact me and we will make it happen!