New Baby Brother| Family Documentary Session {Twin Cities Family Photographer}  

Family photography sessions are incredibly intimate and fun when they are done in the cozy surroundings of someone's home.  These sessions are commonly called lifestyle sessions but I like to call them storytelling sessions because they capture the most personal and unique elements of a family.  Mom kisses baby's head.  Dad is comfortable being goofy to get baby to give his biggest smile.  Sisters have fun jumping on the couch or giggling together next to their favorite stuffed animals.  I had the honor of photographing this beautiful family and their three beautiful children in the middle of January.  These family photos are so much more than a posed portrait to them, but an opportunity to preserve time.  A time in their lives when things are chaotic and a little messy, but filled with big baby grins, little girls' laughter, and loving hugs from mom and dad.  They will not only cherish these pictures now, but visit them over and over again as life goes on.  It's as if their stories are preserved and will remain in their family forever.