Why Choose Professional Senior Portraits?

As I approach this senior season, I am trying to think about what I can offer clients that is unique and will give them the best experience with their senior portraits. Here are a four important reasons I came up with as to why I believe a professional senior session is the right choice for you!

senior portrait amgphotography minnesota senior photographer

Customization: Senior year is an important year in any high schoolers’ life. During their time in high school, they have been able to grow in who they are as a person and develop their interests. This is something I love to showcase in my sessions. Seniors can choose any location and can have multiple outfit changes, giving them the ability to show their personality and achievements in their portraits.

senior portrait with a friend amgphotography minnesota senior photographer

Overall Quality and Editing: When you choose to have your senior pictures done by a professional photographer, you receive images done by someone who is using the highest quality equipment and who has professional expertise, resulting in images that are intricately edited and polished. In order to capture the unique personality of each individual your session will not be just a series of quick shots, but I strive to create a relaxed and fun environment which allows my clients to have fun while being themselves. I will take approximately 1,000 images during our time together! Afterward, I carefully vet through each photo in order to choose a series of images which tell your story. In the end, you will receive a beautiful online gallery from which you will be able to choose your digital images or purchase professional prints. Why is this step important? When you print from your local drugstore, the photographs often come out looking discolored and pixelated, as well as tending to fade over time. I guarantee that any photograph you print through me will be true to color so that you can have gorgeous prints that will last a lifetime.

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All-Inclusive Pricing = No Hidden Fees: A trend that I have noticed when it comes to pricing for senior sessions is for photographers to have their session fee big and bold, but to also have a minimum order fee, usually somewhere under the session fee, which ends up tripling the cost of the whole product. To make everything easy to understand, I have made my prices all-inclusive. When you choose a package, the price you see there is the price you pay. You can always purchase more photographs, but you are not pressured to spend a specific amount after the session. This method helps my clients see exactly what they are paying for right away.

senior portrait amgphotography minnesota senior photographer

Bring Your Family or a Friend: During my shoots I always offer my client the option to have a shot with a friend or with their family. This image can be one of the most special images you receive as it documents a very special time in your life, where your senior is about to move on to something new and exciting while keeping you in their heart at the same time.

Senior pictures should never be taken lightly. This is a momentous time for your child, as you celebrate this time in their life as they transition forward to the next stage of their journey.