Senior Photos: A Reflection of Who You Are

The more I do Senior Photo sessions, the more I love them.  Graduating from high school is such a momentous time in an individual's life.  Kids today, more than ever before, face so many pressures to succeed, to do the right activities, to get into the right school, or to decide take a gap year and figure their lives out - today!  What if we just let them be who they are for just one moment?  Kids.  Kids with passions, interests, faith, families, friends, and maybe a pet!  When I do a Senior Session, I start out by discovering who these kids are - what makes them happy?  What makes them tick?  What passions make up who they are?  And in so doing, what do they want to share with others in their photos?  Ultimately, Senior Photos are meant to preserve the special details and interests of a teenager.  These things are precious.  They help to keep them grounded when feeling pushed and pulled by the demands they face each day.  These are the things which bring them joy and provide them with solace when facing an AP exam,  waiting for a college acceptance letter, or facing the pressure to complete as many college credits before graduating high school as possible.  

The photos of these two girls are very special to me.  I believe they capture what is incredibly valuable to them:  their cultural heritage, their love of music, and their playfulness while exuding with the beauty of their personalities.  Both of them have a servant's heart which seeks to show the love of God in all that they do.  They have both been student missionaries and serve others in their church and community continually.  What a blessing it is to preserve who they are during this time in their lives.  What an even greater blessing to see what they become.