The Beauty of Newborn Lifestyle Photography

There is nothing more special than the first few weeks you spend with your newborn at home. Despite the sleepless nights, this is the time when you establish a beautiful bond with your baby that will continue to grow throughout the years. Lifestyle photography is a perfect way to capture these precious first moments! Being in your own home adds a level of comfort for both you and your baby that makes your photographs natural and meaningful rather than posed.

newborn baby held by father - AMG Photography

Through lifestyle photography, I aim to capture the connection between your family and your new baby. Candid photos of a baby’s laugh, a special moment between siblings, or a shared smile between you and a loved one is far more memorable than a posed shot where everyone is a bit on edge!

newborn baby held by mother yawning - AMG Photography

Lifestyle newborn sessions are always about focusing on the details! Your baby yawning, their tiny fingers, and their big eyes are features that you will want to preserve forever. By choosing to have your session done in your home, the place where your baby is most comfortable, we will be able to capture all of these moments and more!

For more information about lifestyle newborn sessions, visit my newborn page and feel free to contact me at 763-607-1181 or!