Mommy and Me Baby Photo Sessions {Plymouth, Minnesota Baby Photographer}

Mommy and Me Baby Photos are turning out to be some of my favorite family photography sessions by far!  There is nothing more intimate than a mother snuggling with her baby.  I have been doing these sessions in a studio that I rent form Vintage Magnolia Studios in the Architectural Antiques building in Northeast Minneapolis.  This natural light studio is not your typical space.  It is large enough for me to be able to do the natural lifestyle sessions that I love, while allowing clients to be in a warm, comfortable environment during cold Minnesota winters and early spring.  I set up the studio with rugs and couches so that there is room to relax, play and dance around with their little ones.  The beautiful light from the floor to ceiling windows creates an incredible glow around them.  Mommy and Me Photo Sessions run now through May!  Schedule yours today!  



Blonde Teenage Girl in Winter Field | Lifestyle Photography| {Orono Family Photographer}

Family photography sessions are more than just gathering a traditional mom and dad and two kids in a photo.  I am a photographer who loves lifestyle photography.  What is lifestyle photography?  It is photography that captures the every day details of our lives.  I love outdoor family sessions - even in the cold of winter in Minnesota.  We live here and love the challenges that even the weather brings.  These photos represent a special time I had with my twelve year old daughter.  I want to capture beautiful moments of this tween girl's life right now!  She is growing up so quickly and has so many ideas to share.  Her creativity is endless and her love of life contagious.  These photos capture her spirit as well as the colors of the season.  She blends right in!  Her golden, flaxen hair, her fair skin and blue eyes seem to reflect the colors of everything around her.  This is everything lifestyle photography should be:  capturing simple memories and the unique characteristics of a loved one in a moment of time that is so fleeting.  


Photographs of Sisters and Dance | Lifestyle Family Photographer | Minneapolis, MN

Photographing sisters and moms is a very special thing.  Family photography sessions can be so interesting because the relationships and connections between different family members can be so incredible.  I had the privilege of photographing twin sisters in-studio.  Studio sessions are my winter favorites.  I rent an incredible studio from Vintage Magnolia in Northeast Minneapolis.  It is filled with character and incredible light.  These girls were not only beautiful, but they were also incredible Irish Dancers.  Their vibrant red hair and unique personalities made spending time with these girls an incredible blessing.  Despite being twins and having a similar interest which bonded them together, they were so different and unique.  One had an incredible attention to detail and a quietness to her, but a beautiful inner strength.  The other was vibrant and strong in her opinions, but driven by her interests and passions.  Each had a love for their momma and it was obvious that their wonderful characteristics came from her.  Her love, her support, and her "realness" made these girls who they are today.

New Baby Brother| Family Documentary Session {Twin Cities Family Photographer}  

Family photography sessions are incredibly intimate and fun when they are done in the cozy surroundings of someone's home.  These sessions are commonly called lifestyle sessions but I like to call them storytelling sessions because they capture the most personal and unique elements of a family.  Mom kisses baby's head.  Dad is comfortable being goofy to get baby to give his biggest smile.  Sisters have fun jumping on the couch or giggling together next to their favorite stuffed animals.  I had the honor of photographing this beautiful family and their three beautiful children in the middle of January.  These family photos are so much more than a posed portrait to them, but an opportunity to preserve time.  A time in their lives when things are chaotic and a little messy, but filled with big baby grins, little girls' laughter, and loving hugs from mom and dad.  They will not only cherish these pictures now, but visit them over and over again as life goes on.  It's as if their stories are preserved and will remain in their family forever.