Beautiful Summer Light in Portraits

I'm sure you have heard it is all about light.  Living in Minnesota where light can be scarce several months per year, you come to revel in it when it is present!  Light is powerful. It can create a magic that nothing else can.  It can add an ethereal mood to any photograph no matter where it is taken.   I think that photography is able to freeze the beauty of light in ways that our eyes just can't.  The amazing thing is that this light is present in our every day lives, in every day places, and we walk past it and probably miss its astounding beauty so often.  The majority of the photos below are taken in simple places in my home or in the park next to my house or at the lake down the road.  These are simple neighborhood paths in Plymouth, Minnesota that people use every single day.  What does this tell you?  You don't need to search out a location that is far from home in order to get photographs that are stunning and even just need the right kind of light.  The soft glow of light an hour before sunset is ideal.  It is warm, it glows and envelopes its subjects in amazing ways.  So, don't let location hold you back when thinking of scheduling your next family or individual photo session.  Look around your yard.  Walk over to your neighborhood park.  Look within home.  With the perfect type of light, something simple can become a piece of art!